Dissertation Topics

Choosing dissertation topics is one of the toughest parts of actually writing your dissertation. Many students spend hours thinking of a unique or uncommon dissertation topic, spending months and sometimes years perfecting the exact dissertation proposal that they believe will help them to achieve their degree, whether that is an undergraduate, masters or doctoral degree.

Dissertation Topics

Dissertation Topics

If you find yourself struggling amid a sea of dissertation topics, use this guide to help you narrow it down, and get a better understanding of what is expect from dissertation topics. In all cases, refer back to your tutor or advisor for help and suggestions if you are stuck. Keep them informed of your choices so they are better able to help you.

Psychology: This is a common doctoral field of study, and many students are required to write a dissertation on the subject. In this field, you will find a huge range of potential topics. You can discuss how certain patients respond to methods of treatment, or how animals respond to a treatment or a hypothesis that has not yet been tested on humans. Perhaps one might discuss the connections between mental health and cardiovascular fitness for people of a young age, or how the same issue affects those at a more advanced age. The key is in the details: how to write a dissertation is important, but choosing unique and interesting dissertation topics is often time more necessary.

Science: Whether in the area of medicine, biology, chemistry or physics, science encompasses a large amount of the chosen dissertation topics at any university or establishment of higher learning. Most of these dissertation topics are based on research, either that done by the writer themselves or by drawing conclusions from other experiments. Since there are so many thousands of topics, a great way to pick a topic is to think of a few research pieces that caught your attention, and try to create an alternative hypothesis that you can defend.

Of course, every subject requires a dissertation, and millions of possible dissertation topics are out there. With this guide, however, you should have a better understanding of what is expected and how to select a topic.

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