Writing a Dissertation

Understanding how to write a dissertation is an important and necessary part of finishing your degree, whether that is an undergraduate, masters, or doctoral degree. It can be a lengthy process, taking months and often years to complete. Once it is finished, however, you can relax and enjoy the fact that what is considered the most difficult part of higher education is now behind you.

How to Write a Dissertation

How to Write a Dissertation

While there are many dissertation topics that you could be writing about, the following steps can help you to plan, execute and edit your own dissertation, whatever the topic. Here it how to write a dissertation:

General Research: Before you dive head first into a dissertation proposal or write the abstract, you will want to do some preliminary research on topics that interest you, and how you might create a unique dissertation. Make sure that when you commit to a subject matter or topic, it is something that truly interests you, that you will enjoy writing about for a significant period of time. An important part of the process is knowing how to write a dissertation on something you really enjoy and are interested in.

Outline and Abstract: Once you have a general idea of what to write, narrow it down by creating a title, and an abstract that can sum up what the point of your dissertation is in roughly 200 words. Ask yourself what it is you are asking and answering in the dissertation, and write it down. Create a general outline to help guide you when it comes time to begin writing, so you are prepared and know how to write a dissertation step by step.

Write: This is perhaps the most difficult part. Knowing how to write a dissertation is different from actually writing it. Make it a goal to write something every day, and don’t be concerned with every word being quality, because you can go back and edit your dissertation later.

Edit: This involves reading and re-reading your dissertation to make sure you have a clear though pattern, no errors, and adequate research.

Congratulations! Now you know how to write a dissertation.

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